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Sponsor Holly Spears in Young Guns 4-H Equestrian Drill Team


Holly would love to have you all along for the ride during her first year of officially riding with the Young Guns! She watched eagerly from the stands last season as she was pregnant with her son, Logan. If you have dreamed of being apart of a team of equestrian performers, but don't have time or just never got the chance for some reason this is a great way to be a part of the team! This is a not for profit 4-H team, so the team does not get paid for performances. Your sponsorship will help pay for things such as tack, costume cost/clothing, travel and lodging expenses for competitions, shows and parades or any other YG appearances.

Option 1: For $15 Autographed Photo of Holly and Pretty Girl in their YG tack (when Uniforms are handed out by early 2018)
Option 2: For $25 Autographed photo and behind the scenes photos of practices and performances either posted on a private Sponsorship page or emailed
Option 3: For $50 Autographed photo, behind the scenes photos and your name mentioned as one of my Sponsors along with my publicly shared photos and videos
Option 4: For $100 Everything above and a Young Guns T-Shirt
Option 5: For $250 Everything above and Your Name, Family Name or Business Name Embroidered on the back of my Young Guns Jacket as one of my Sponsors
Option 6: $500 Everything Above a meet and greet with Holly and Pretty Girl (in Northern Kentucky)
Option 7: $1000 Everything Above and a performance with Holly and Pretty Girl (in Northern Kentucky)